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Topaz Adjust

Developer Topaz Labs, LLC

Features: -Easily correct and balance image exposure and color. -Enhance dynamic range with ...

Adjust Laptop Brightness

Developer Rogosoft Corporation

Adjust Laptop Brightness is a tuning utility to change screen brightness on a laptop, notebook, netbook, and ultrabook. ...

Able RAWer

Developer GraphicRegion

Able RAWer is an easy program targeted to view and correct RAW images (photos) taken with digital cameras. ...

Woodward L-Series Service Tool

Developer Woodward

The L-Series Service Tool is used to configure, adjust, monitor and troubleshoot a L-Series Control. The service tool runs ...

Oscar-N SAS

Developer EuropeGas

This program makes it possible to adjust parameters of fuel supply system in very large scale. Besides the correction due the vacuum in the intake ...


Developer National Geodetic Survey (NGS),

A Suite of programs compiled for a Win32 platform, used in conjunction with NGS program ADJUST. This software is for ...

Auto Adjust Photo

Developer Log69.com

Auto Adjust Photo tries to give a solution for the automatic color correction of photos. This can be a ...

Free Monitor Manager

Developer freemonitormanager.com

Free Monitor Manager combines a small and simple interface with enough functionality to let you create profiles for your preferred monitor ...

Premier+ Embroidery System Applications

Developer VSM Software Ltd.

Premier+ Embroidery System Applications allows you to adjust, monogram and combine your embroideries with an unlimited ...

SigPlus Adjust

Developer Topaz Systems, Inc.

SigPlus Adjust is a tool that offers an easy, user-friendly way to update the .INI files of SigPlus and SigPlus plug-ins. ...


Developer Luzius Schneider

TimeSync is a program to adjust the system time of your Computer. It gets the correct present time from the Internet. TimeSync ...


Developer MysticCoder Pty Ltd.

MysticMon is a really handy tool that lets you adjust the color parameters of your monitor without actually touching the ...


Developer RedCandle SoftWare

xSpeed can be used to adjust your Windows operation system speed. Speed up windows or speed down windows -16~+16 Times! All software will change ...

iGuard Clock Adjust

Developer Lucky Technology

iGuard Clock Adjust , this little utility helps you to synchronize the real time clock of iGuard terminal ...

Power Pack Adjust Data Extension

Developer Oracle Corporation

The Power Pack Adjust Data extension allows users to quickly make adjustment to data in a cell or range of cells. This panel will allow you to ...